Hey Hey!

You may (or may not) have wondered just how Master My Macros got started. For those of you who are curious, I would tell you, "it started out of love." I will spare you a lot of detail and just fast forward through 30 years of friendship to September 1st of 2020.

I had been watching Amy "spin her wheels" for almost a year when it came to losing body fat. She had plenty of muscle, was working out and teaching classes daily, but just seemed to be gaining body fat instead of losing it.

Although qualified to help clients with nutrition for years, it has always been my preference to focus on fitness instead. You see, nutrition is very personal, and offers a lot of wiggle room for clients because I cannot monitor them 24/7. As you may know, nutrition is driven by emotion and can be a daunting subject matter to tackle; therefore, clients tend to make excuses as to why they can't stick to a healthy meal plan.


After seeing Amy's frustration reach a boiling point, I decided to pull from my 14 years of experience, plus my certifications in fitness and nutrition, to create a custom plan for her to follow. The science behind macros needed to be put into action to stop Amy’s endless cycle of under-eating, deprivation and binging. So, I created a plan that would help Amy melt body fat while maintaining her muscle, and at the same time, would not deprive her of her favorite foods.

Needless to say, the body fat started melting off, and her energy and mood improved significantly. As owners of 3 Pure Barre studios, our clients saw her changes before their very eyes and wanted to know what she was doing. Then came the question, “Heather, are you going to put something together for all of us?”

It wasn’t something I had planned on creating, but when you create things out of love and your motive is to help others be the best versions of themselves, things tend to snowball! I am so grateful for the unintended flood of shredders! We have witnessed so much external physical success; yet, the internal and mental health success of our clients has motivated us to impact as many people as possible!

XO- Heather