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While most fat loss solutions eliminate your favorite foods, we designed a plan to lose body fat for good that starts with the foods you love. But “start with food” is more than just a way to lose fat; it’s a way to experience total body health.

  • Personalized week-by-week plan
  • No foods are off limits & no more deprivation
  • Results you'll see & feel quickly
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"Seven weeks of 1 shred, I am down 11.4 pounds, 3.8% body fat, and several inches. After 2 shred cyles, I am down 30 freaking pounds and have been forced to buy new clothes, darn it!"

- Lindsey Tibbet

  • Down 30 pounds
  • Lost 10% body fat
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We're making complex nutrition simple and helping you achieve results you can own.


This personalized program is uniquely designed to your body’s needs. Focusing on macros (protein, carbs, fat) instead of calories fuels your body in new ways and keeps you from feeling deprived.  Our 6 week Shred is offered 4 times a year to allow “cycling” in order for you to achieve long-term results. 

Teri Gunn

  • Down 24lbs
  • Lost 8% Body Fat


Joey Taylor

  • Down 14lbs
  • Lost 4.3% Body Fat 


Caitlin O'Brien

  • Down 4lbs
  • Lost 2.8% Body Fat 



  • Down 10 lbs
  • Lost 7% Body Fat 


Joey Sacco

  • Down 23 lbs
  • Lost 8% Body Fat 



  • Down  9 lbs
  • Down 10 inches


Julianne Birdsall

  • Down 10 lbs
  • Lost 3% Body Fat 


Ingrid Mercardo

  • Down 9 lbs
  • Lost 4% Body Fat 


Kerri Navarro

  • Down  21 lbs
  • Down 10% body fat


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From childhood best friends to owning 3 boutique fitness studios together, we are Amy & Heather! Our combined psychology, fitness and nutrition backgrounds merged to develop a custom system to improve your health from the inside out!  


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