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We created the fat loss solution we would want. While most fat loss solutions start with eliminating many of your favorite foods, we design a plan to lose that fat starting with the foods you love. But “start with food” is more than just a way to lose fat; it’s a way to experience total body health.

  • Personalized week-by-week plan
  • No foods are off limits & no more deprivation
  • Results you'll see & feel quickly


Where you are now

  • Frustrated that you can't lose stubborn body fat and find peace with your body and yourself? 
  • Annoyed that the only answer seems to be to cut calories and ditch the foods you love? 
  • Tired of restriction?  Deprivation?
  • When you do lose weight, do you find that it comes back faster than you lost it?

Where you can be

  • Eat the foods you love and learn how to properly fuel your body without deprivation or restriction.
  • Discover how Master My Macros,  a macro based lifestyle, can help you achieve your goals, feel better and even look better! 
  • Learn how to cycle Shreds with periods of maintenance so your results last a lifetime.
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"Seven weeks of 1 shred, I am down 11.4 pounds, 3.8% body fat, and several inches. After 2 shred cycles, I am down 30 freaking pounds and have been forced to buy new clothes, darn it!"

Lindsey Tibbet

Down 30 pounds

Lost 10% body fat

Results like this can be yours too


Joey Taylor

  • Down 14 lbs
  • Lost 4.3% Body Fat 

Teri Gunn

  • Down 24 lbs
  • Lost 8% Body Fat

Caitlin O'Brien

  • Down 4 lbs
  • Lost 2.8% Body Fat 


  • Down 10 lbs
  • Lost 7% Body Fat 


  • Down 9 lbs
  • Lost 10 inches

Joey Sacco

  • Down 23 lbs
  • Lost 8% Body Fat 

Ingrid Mercardo

  • Down 9 lbs
  • Lost 4% Body Fat 

Kerri Navarro

  • Down 21 lbs
  • Lost 10% Body Fat 

Julianne Birdsall

  • Down 10 lbs
  • Lost 3% Body Fat 
Get shredded

Whether you are looking to lose weight for an upcoming event or vacation, or you are seeking overall wellness, our program is designed to fit a variety of needs!


When was the last time you felt positive about your body?  This program is designed to help you build/retain lean muscle mass, lose body fat and feel better than ever before! We offer our Shred program quarterly with maintenance in between to help you achieve long-term results, create metabolic flexibility, and to teach you how to eat intuitively.  

Each client is provided with custom and personalized macro (protein, carbohydrates, fat) counts based on their body composition and their weekly workout regimen.  No foods are off limits! No more deprivation, as we find many of our clients are actually under-eating.  

In addition to your personalized macro numbers, we also include our 70 page Shred Guide, our Weekly Shred Tracker Workbook, free Coaching consultations, as well as our online self-guided academy. 

Our Facebook Accountability group is accessible for all Shredders! This invaluable resource provides a community of like minded individuals on the same journey as you! Not to mention, Amy and Heather’s personalized input. From favorite recipes, encouraging support, to grocery must-haves, this group will keep you laughing AND taking notes. 

Master My Macros is unique in as it provides personal expert support and individualized direction! Amy & Heather are available via text and phone-call consults the Shred.  Finally,  at the conclusion of the six-weeks, while you are enjoying the positive changes you are feeling and seeing, you will be provided with a new set of custom/personalized macros  These new "maintenance" macros help you stay on track between Shreds.  Most clients experience the highest level of body composition improvement after their 2nd shred. 

If you are ready to feel better, look better and make your health a priority, then join us for our next Shred! You are worth the investment!


6-Week Shred

6 - week Shred


Top features

  • Custom macros for 6 week Shred including bonus weeks (practice week and maintenance)
  • Lifeime access to members only online academy where we address not just macros but also
    • Sleep
    • Supplements
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Perimenopause and Menopause (for the ladies)
    • Emotional Eating
    • Tips & Tricks when eating out & surviving holiday parties.
    • And much more!
  • Unlimited¬†1:1 Coaching via text messagingand live group coaching calls.
  • Shred Guide workbook
  • Master My Meals Cookbook ($40 Value)¬†- includes 50 high protein recipes including sweet treats!
  • Weekly Shred Tracker workbook¬†
  • Fast Food Cheat Sheet
  • Optional:¬† Macros Success Journal
  • Lifetime access to our Facebook group
  • Tailored supplement recommendations to assist in supporting your body's needs naturally via Designs for Health escript.
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Amy & Heather

From childhood best friends to owning 3 boutique fitness studios together, we are Amy & Heather! Our combined psychology, fitness and nutrition backgrounds merged to develop a custom system to improve your health from the inside out! 

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